Al Souk

Al Souk is a Lebanese resturant in Gants Hill. It is rare to find a Lebanese restaurant that steels your heart and sends you into a glorious food coma, whilst taking you through an incredible food journey to Lebanon and back.

No meal is complete without humous and Al Souk certainly knows how to make one of the finest and creamiest humous in town.


For drinks we ordered the Strawberry Mojito and Daiquiri. The flavour of the cocktail burst in to ones mouth with sheer delight. The flavour was explosive and prominent with just the right amount of ice.

We also tried the snicker milkshake. However, the consistency was too thick for our liking.

For starters we ordered the grilled chicken wings which was well flavoured.


The mixed grill shown below consisted of Shish Taouk, Kofte Taouk and Lahm Meshwi and was simply a combination of wonderous meats. All meats were well marinated, filling the palate with middle eastern flavours. The pinquancy of the mince was electric and the chicken cubes were delicate and juicy. The lamb cubes were tender and succulent. We often find chicken in Lebanese establishments to be dry with just the charcoal taste on the surface. However, the chicken here was juicy and packed full of seasoning. The side condiment of spicy sauce had so much heat, but the taste was too addictive to resist. The vermicelli rice was pleasant and buttery and the side salad added a cooling balance to the whole dish.


The food at Al Souk blew us away so much so that a second visit was necessary. It is rare to revisit a restaurant, order the same dish as previously and the dish to be as great or if not better then the last time. All the meats were quite simply delicious, packed full of flavour.

Al Souk could potentially become a great culinary experience, as the quality and consistent standard of food is high. But it unfortunately fails due to its poor service. There were 4 waiting staff and two other customers including us, yet, the service was slow, inattentive and absent minded. The waiting staff were undoubtedly nice, but always seem to be preoccupied with conversing with each other.

We still believe Al Soul is a culinary delight, as the food is irresistible, but the service needs to be slightly improved if it wants to reach higher standards.

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