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The Westbridge Restaurant

The Westbridge Restaurant is part of a four star hotel situated in Stratford, offering an all halal menu. The service, for a four star establishment you would expect to be exemplary. However, even though we were the only customers, we had to wait 45min for our mains, which is pretty appalling.

The picture showcases the “Burger Milanese”, which is a beef burger, with a melted cheddar cheese centre, sounds good right? Unfortunately, this burger breaches advertising standards. There was no remnants of any cheese in the burger and the burger itself was diabolical in flavour. It simply tasted like over boiled meat with absolutely no trace of any seasoning. We were not even able to complain about the food, as the staff, after serving us, never reappeared again.


No cheesy centre!

The cheese burger from the child’s menu was surprisingly well presented with a cut out bun giving an almost ‘posh’ appearance to the burger. The meat unfortunately lacked seasoning. On the plus side, the portion of chips was generous for a child’s meal, but the burger looked like it was already half eaten, due to its miniature size.

Kid’s meal – Cheese Burger

The meatball tagliatelle shown below was another disappointing dish. The meatball lacked any form of seasoning and was far to dry that each mouthful almost felt like torture.


It’s rare to encounter an establishment as disappointing as this place. We would rarely recommend to avoid any restaurants, but this place definitely warrants a “hazardous to health” sign. Plus my wallet felt like it was unceremoniously violated.

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