The Apple Blue Pattisserie

When it comes to all things sugar, The Apple Blue Pattisserie sure knows how to transform a humble dessert into something phenomenol. Their dessert gift box contains a diverse selection of sweet treats. Whether you enjoy fruity flavours, caramel, chocolate or coffee flavours in your dessert, there is something for all taste buds. @applebluepatisserie is an independent pattisserie that strives to bring all us halal concious foodies decadent, one of a kind halal dessert. Their business moto is to make each cake experience memorable and without question each bite is an unforgetable taste sensation. It takes a skilled Patissier a certain level of culinary experience to create these enchanting works of art.

As Graham Kerr once quoted: ‘He would imagine the perfect dessert as subtle, a little bittersweet, delicately made up with a flavour that lasts’. Having tried the Ispahan from Laduree and the Red Velvet from the usual suspects such as Lolas and The Hummingbird, The Apple Blue Patissierie’s version left a delectable taste wanting me to savour each mouthful for as long as possible. The “Creme de la Creme” of dessert boxes at a very reasonable price. 


One thought on “The Apple Blue Pattisserie

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