Fusion · Modern European

YUMN Brasserie

YUMN Brasserie is a European modernistic restaurant with a fusion twist. The menu is diverse, offering classical European dishes, in addition to traditional Eastern cuisine with a modern take. The stunning interior emulates sophistication, simulating an oasis of tranquility and a romantic ambiance. The service was personable, attentive and informative.

The Sunday brunch menu consisted of four courses. The first course was cauliflower soup with a selection of tasty rustic Italian bread with warm butter. The soup lacked seasoning and the flavours were too subtle for our liking. Nonetheless, the rustic bread certainly made up for a prosaic first course.


The second course was a ‘market buffet’ – a large selection of cold dishes superbly presented. Choose anything from Smoked Salmon, Mussels, Chicken Liver Parfait, Mackerel, Beef and the list goes on. The choices available were incredible and for halal food adventurers like us, a good selection of unique dishes.



One of the dishes that we ordered, as depicted by the picture below was a medium rare steak. The outside of the sirloin steak was charred to provide an exquisite smokey flavour, with the inside of the 28 days matured steak being pink and tender; it was like there was quite simply a party in my mouth, with each morsel bringing me elation. Not many establishments can master the culinary skills to cook a steak, but YUMN Brasserie prepared it close to perfection. The peppercorn sauce and the twice cooked chips were tremendously good.

The prices match any other fine dining restaurant, but the portions were hearty. Each main course came with a plate of roasted vegetables to share between two. We especially enjoyed the crunchy curly kale.


The second main was a classic Beef Burger. The quality of the meat was evident. However, the patty was cooked well done and thus any natural juice from the beef was absent. As far as halal gourmet burgers go, this was definitely a good burger with simple ingredients. However, we wouldn’t go as far as saying it was one of the best burgers we have tried. There is certainly room for improvement but a very good effort nonetheless.


The third main was Chicken Roast with a side of mash potato and Yorkshire Pudding. The chicken was dry and the basic salt and pepper seasoning wasn’t adequate to lift the dish to a gastranomical height. With the chicken being dry, the accompanied gravy was also not present in sufficient quantity to bring any life back to the cremated chicken.


The fourth and final main dish was Beef Roast dinner. The beef was tender and juicy with just the right amount of gravy. An exquisite dish.20150322_150710

For dessert we decided to sample each of the 3 desserts on the menu: Apple Crumble, Profiteroles and Pistachio Ice Cream. The Apple Crumble was far too sickly sweet for our tastebuds. The crumble topping was slightly burnt, thereby leaving an unpleasant taste in the mouth.




Although some dishes delivered better than others, YUMN Brasserie provides a unique fine dining experience in the heart of Croydon. Something which the area has until now been missing. The Sunday Brunch menu is incredible value for money. A visit here for a special occasion is highly recommended. Follow their Halal Food Journey and see where it takes you.

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